William Way

trigandpolished-0022 It was a beautiful warm sunny day in San Francisco, which made it a bit difficult to find stylish men. I had spent a couple hours scouting the ferry building and the embarcadero with not even a false alarm. People were walking around in comfort clothes. I can’t blame them, but it does make the sight of a well-dressed man feel like the clouds have parted and I can hear the angels sing. Ok, maybe that’s a little melodramatic but trust me, it’s a big deal. So I’m walking along Market Street, constantly looking down at shoes that pass me by. Dirty tennis shoes, square toed slip-on dress shoes, flip flops . . . and then I stop to cross Sansome Street. I look up and straight ahead are the most beautiful woven leather cap toe dress shoes! With great socks! And what looks like a pin-striped suit! I knew I couldn’t pass this up. So I waited around like a creeper for the shoe polishing session to be over. It felt like 15 minutes at least. But after 2 hours of fruitless scouting, 15 minutes is nothing, right?  trigandpolished-0026

So, as the gentleman is walking away from the shoeshine stand, I make my move. I tell William what I’m doing and that I love his shoes. He replies, “I just got them shined!” No kidding. Haha! I guess I’m pretty good at stalking. I ask him about his outfit and he was happy to let me in on the details. He also proved the point that you don’t have to spend gobs of money to look great. The gorgeous shoes are Nico Nerini and he purchased them at Crossroads. The suit is Perry Ellis and get this. . . the tie and pocket square are from Daiso Japan. You know? The big Japanese dollar store type chain. It’s so great, William looked liked the classiest man on the street and he did it by shopping at Daiso and Crossroads. So there are no excuses, Gentlemen! Your budget should does not affect your style. I also loved that William’s cufflinks are actually coins from his Grandfather’s coin collection. Those personal touches add such value to one’s style. William really has this style thing down. trigandpolished-0034


Tie and Pocket Square from Daiso Japan


What William Wore:

Glasses: Warby Parker

Suit: Perry Ellis

Tie & Pocket Square: Daiso Japan

Shoes: Nico Nerini, purchased at Crossroads Trading Co.

Socks: H&M

Cufflinks: Vintage, made from William’s Grandfather’s Coin Collection

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