Viktor Lozano

With the moody temperatures that have been common in San Francisco lately, it’s important to dress in a way that keeps you from feeling the extremes. Viktor nails it in this sunglasses & scarf combo. The key to staying comfortable is to layer. Wear a T-shirt that you can peel down to when it gets a bit too toasty in the sun but have a light jacket to throw on when walking on the shady side of the street. Having a warm colorful scarf breaks up the monotony of the solids and at the same time, acts as a huge lifesaver when the cold winds crank up, but can also be balled up and thrown in a bag when you start to feel stuffy.
Very few men can pull off a jeweled tee. Luckily, Viktor is one of them.
The Attire:
Blazer – G- Star
Shirt – Burberry
Scarf – Burberry
Pants – AllSaints
Shoes – Sperry

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