Vintage baby shoes, these were worn by Dashell's grandfather in the 50's

T&P Father/Son Duo, Colin and Dashell Adams


First of all Happy Fathers’s Day to everyone out there. Whether you are celebrating your father, any other special fatherly type, or you yourself are a father, I hope you are having a wonderful day. Shout out to my father, Robert Green, I love you! Ok, so in celebration of this special day, the Trig and Polished men today are this handsome father and son duo, Mr. Colin Adams and his son, Dashell Adams. Aren’t they adorable?

Some of my loyal readers might recognize Baby Dashell since this is his second time featured on T&P. He already holds the title of youngest T&P gentleman to be featured on the site and now he is one of only 2 men that have been double featured. That’s an incredible feat for being under 1 year of age. So this time, as you can see, Dashell brought his trig father along to accompany him on the photoshoot. Quite a dashing pair! The great thing about Colin is his enthusiasm about his little boy. I spent a few minutes looking at some photographs that Colin had on his phone of Dashell in his adorable outfits. Mom and Dad Adams are quite the stylists! So many T&P baby outfits! I used to think that baby girls had all the luck when it came to outfits, but in this day and age, boy outfits are almost cuter. It’s great to see that parents of baby boys now have so many stylish options.


Look at those adorable smiles! Dashell was killing me with his modeling skills. I’ve never seen a baby so easy to work with. He’s such a natural. I especially love his seasonal appropriate seersucker suit. I’m sure he picked it out to compliment his father’s brown stripes. Colin is looking handsome in his brown tones. We really liked his hat and loved the intricate old world details of his watch. His watch was a gift from his wife, Maggie. As if it wasn’t already obvious, Maggie has excellent taste.


Hat from Goorin Brothers


Baby Dashell is anticipating the day that his father hands over the watch.Trigandpolished06152014-4

Vintage baby shoes, these were worn by Dashell's grandfather in the 50's

Vintage baby shoes, these were worn by Dashell’s grandfather in the 50′s


What They Wore


Hat- Target

Suit- Carter

Tie- The Children’s Place

Shoes – 50′s Vintage, used to be his Grandfather’s

Mom Maggie likes to shop local stores such as Tot Tank and Lauren’s Closet in Alameda, Baby World and Ruby’s Garden in Oakland.


Hat- Goorin Bros.

Vest – Men’s Wearhouse

Pants- Gap

Watch – Stührling

Shops at Gilt , MyHabit, Goorin Bros.


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