Tom Stubbs – Menswear Stylist ::Modern Classic::


Tom Stubbs – Menswear Stylist

Styling with H&M’s Modern Classic Collection

Whenever I ask T&P Men some of their favorite places to shop, H&M almost always comes up. This is a gorgeous and affordable collection that is in H&M Stores now. Tom gives some excellent tips for styling the different pieces. He creates great outfits for business, casual, and evening. I really like the outfit with the wool coat and skinny jeans. Those shoes are gorgeous. I also really like the top-buttoned dress shirt. It gives structure to the silhouette, don’t you think? The best thing about this wardrobe is that it uses classic pieces that many of you probably already have in your closets, so you don’t have to break the bank to look trig and polished. Just heed Tom’s advice, invest in a nice classic coat, throw in your own unique touches and you’ll be the best-dressed man on the block.

Thanks to T&P Man, Dario Smith for finding this video.

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