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The Men of Klein Epstein & Parker

On a recent trig hunt in Hayes Valley, Gillian and I stumbled upon this menswear shop, Klein Epstein & Parker. When I spotted the mannequin out front, I knew this place was going to be a jackpot of stylish menswear. The styling exemplified everything I look for in men’s formal fashion. A fitted men’s suit with accessories to spice it up a bit. We stepped inside and saw the three most trig and polished men that we had seen in a long time. Meet the men of Klein Epstein & Parker. Alfonzo is the one in the light pants, Corey is the one with the most awesome red bird pin and Aaron is the one rocking the red suit. All three men exemplified the kind of style that turns heads. 


As I got to look around, I learned that Klein Epstein & Parker is a shop that specializes in custom suits. These aren’t your run of the mill suits. These are for the men that have some edge. What K.E.P. calls “New Rebel Style”.

Progressive ideals rooted in a non-conformist attitude for those who want to break traditional dressing and create their own path. The K.E.P. look is a modern ‘New Rebel’ consciousness paired with an elevated sense of dress. Within the K.E.P. Made to Measure experience, the rebel in the heart of every man will incarnate to create his own wardrobe through personalization and self-expression.

Boy, I’m so for this! As I stated in the About page, the difference between “well-dressed” and “Trig & Polished” is all about signature touches, not just dressing nicely . . . but making that special effort of standing out. That’s what K.E.P. seems to be all about. It’s about those details. Check out the embroidered details on the linings of the suit in the pictures below. All those little details make the outfit that much more special. I’m also digging the fashion fearlessness of these men. For example, Alfonzo with his colorful pocket square, Corey with the red bird pin and Aaron for not being afraid to be the “gentleman in the red suit”. These men look amazing. And that is such a treat for all of us whose eyes glance in their direction.

TPKEP1What Alfonzo wore:

Jacket: Bespoke

Shirt: Klein Epstein & Parker

Pants: Klein Epstein & Parker

Watch: Vintage Omega

Shoes: Aldo


What Corey wore:

Suit: Klein Epstein & Parker

Shirt: Naked & Famous

Bird pin: Klein Epstein & Parker

Shoes- Vintage


What Aaron wore:

Suit, Pocket Square and Shirt: Klein Epstein & Parker

Shoes: Aldo


The coolest part about this place is that it didn’t have an air of pretentiousness. It was refreshing to see that although these men had beautiful merchandise and obviously knew about style, they were really friendly. I think this is super important when it comes to customer service. Especially when you are looking for something that is custom made such as a suit.  You want to be comfortable enough with the stylist so that you can express what look you want and in turn, are happy with  the end result. I just wanted to share that info with you fellows. Don’t be afraid to check this place out. Perhaps it’s for selfish reasons, as in I want to see more men dressed like this, but trust me when I say it is in your best interest to style yourself up a bit. Good things come about when you are looking your best.

Check out this video of K.E.P’s Fall/Winter 2014 line for some style inspiration. And it bears repeating. . . women go gaga over elbow patches. I would know.

Klein Epstein & Parker
467 Gough Street
San Francisco, CA 94102


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  1. Great suits, great style and great concept. I love my Klein Epstein Parker suits (I have two)

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