Trig & Polished at the Trumaker Showroom Debut

trig and polished trumaker menswear san francisco

Last Thursday, I attended the Trumaker showroom debut in San Francisco. It was a trig and polished haven with city views,  hardwood floors, menswear displayed throughout and well-dressed man (and women) everywhere I looked. I hate to use the word “man-cave” because that has such negative connotations, so I’ll use the words, “Gentlemen’s Lounge” instead. This is […]

The power of looking your best will change your life.

This video of a homeless US Army veteran, Jim Wolf shows his transition into one Trig & Polished man. It’s very touching to see how one’s spirits can be lifted just by looking one’s best. As you can see in the video, Wolf becomes a different person, not only physically but mentally and emotionally as […]