T&P’s Adriana Green featured on Wear Your Voice

Adriana Green on Wear Your Voice

  I’m not used to being the one in front of the camera and answering all the questions, but I was honored and flattered to be featured on Wear Your Voice. Thank you to Nina(one of the earliest T&P followers) for featuring me. Check out the article for my recommendations on where to shop in […]

Insider Dating Tips from Real Women for Online Messaging


It’s not only with fashion that I’m interested in helping men out, but occasionally I like to offer a female perspective on other topics.  I recently wrote an article for Urbasm regarding online dating and messages,  Insider Dating Tips from Real Women for Online Messaging. It’s a followup to my previous article, What Women Want To See in […]

T&P’s Sister – www.adrianagreen.com


Hello! For those followers who are interested in photography, well I have a treat for you. Announcing the birth of T&P’s sister site, Adriana Green Photography. For those of you that have read the ‘About” section of this site might have noticed that I like observing people and taking photographs. Especially photographs about people and […]