Standard & Strange

Standard & Strange in Oakland’s Temescal Alley

Many people that know of my love for menswear had been telling me that I’ve got to check out Standard & Strange in Oakland’s Temescal Alley. I finally got to check it out on a First Friday. Lucky for me it was also the night that Kyle Rancourt of Rancourt & Co. was appearing there. Not only that, but I got to meet Obi Kauffman of Juniper Ridge and also got to visit with Jonathan Tyler Wills. I had met Jonathan a couple of years ago when he worked on my bike at Montano Velo on Piedmont Ave. When I first met Jonathan I noticed that he’s super friendly and polite, and secondly I noticed that he knows how to dress. A true gentleman. He’s always has the best shoes on and his British accent has definitely influenced my belief that I would be in Trig & Polished heaven if I was ever to go to England. It’s safe to say that Jonathan is truly in his element overseeing this very cool mens shop.trig & polished at standard & strange

Most (if not all) the stock at this shop is American made. As I looked around, I could tell that this was high quality stuff. I’d say this mens shop is perfect for those adventurous types that want handsome, well-made foundation pieces that are inspired by traditional elements but with clean, modern lines.  This is the kind of style that fits in with the T&P Pinterest board – Trig & Polished Rugged.

Ghezal of Trig & Polished

Ghezal’s pick for what her dream man would wear, the Jac-Shirt by Filson.

My lovely assistant (and good friend), Ghezal and I had a great time picking out what styles we really admired. She picked out a shirt that her “dream guy” would wear and I picked out a shirt, shoes, and a knapsack that mine would wear.

Naked & Famous Chambray Shirt

I’m a huge fan of chambray shirts, so these caught my eye.

Stone + Cloth Knapsack

These stripes make me feel nostaglic for old train engineer uniforms.

One of the shoes that caught my eye were the Blake boots by Rancourt & Co. that were exclusively made for Standard & Strange. I couldn’t get over the Tempest Sole. Okay, okay, I just realized that I went gaga over soles. I usually don’t do that. . . but c’mon these things are so gorgeous! 

kyle rancourt

Kyle Rancourt of Rancourt & Co.

Rancourt & Co. for Standard & Strange
Rancort & Co. Blake Boot for Standard & Strange

There is nothing I’d change about these boots, but for those of you that like to have some creative input in their shoes, check out the Rancourt & Co. website where you can custom order shoes. I had some fun on there customizing some boots. . . I can only imagine how much fun it would be for a guy that can actually wear what he customizes.

Obi Kaufmann and Jonathan Tyler Wills

Obi Kaufmann and Jonathan Tyler Wills

Obi Kaufman introduced himself as the Chief Storyteller of Juniper Ridge. I had been aware of Juniper Ridge but this was the first time I actually got to treat my olfactory system to their “Wilderness Perfumes” and I can’t think of a better person to experience that with. Obi was so passionate about Juniper Ridge fragrances and being that we shared his love of California’s nature, Ghezal and I were loving the “fragrance sniffing” that he was treating us to. All of the fragrances are named after the California regions that the botanicals used to make them are derived from. We tested all of them and as gorgeous as they all were, it was a tough decision but Ghezal and I chose as our top pick the one named Sierra Granite, an oil composed of the plants, trees, and herbs of the Sierra Nevada Mountains which also happens to be where one of favorite California forests is located, Yosemite. Juniper RidgeThe great thing about these fragrances is that no matter how much Obi poured, the fragrances never got cloying. This is super important for those people such as myself that are sensitive to strong chemicals. A little know history about myself is one of my first jobs was in a department store selling Mens Fragrances so I know firsthand how those toxic chemicals can cause allergies or headaches. I have been a huge fans of essential oils instead of store colognes and perfumes ever since. I’m happy to report that Juniper Ridge oils do not contain petrochemicals and I did not feel a twinge of a headache, so all you sensitive types and/or those with sensitive significant others, I suggest you check these fragrances out.

Juniper Ridge California Fragrance Map

Juniper Ridge California Fragrance Map

Juniper Ridge

Juniper Ridge Wilderness Perfumes can be worn by both men and women who love the scents of nature. Can be worn on skin, hair and clothing.

All in all, it was a great visit and I love that this shop is located in the East Bay so that Oakland men don’t have to go out to San Francisco just to find a decent mens boutique. For you SF men, it’s definitely worth crossing the bay to check out. Pop in and tell them that Adriana from Trig & Polished sent you.

First Fridays in Temescal Alley

First Fridays in Temescal Alley

Some labels they carry:

Rogue Territory

Stone + Cloth



Private White VC

Red Wing


Freeman Seattle (I really liked these raincoats.)

Rising Sun

Rancourt & Co.

Blade + Blue ( A San Francisco Company)

Aloha Sunday ( From San Diego)

Topo Designs

Reigning Champ (Jonathan describes as tailored sweats like from the movie Rocky)

Eat Dust  (A Belgian label that Jonathan describes as “Greasy motorcycle guys that make clothing”)

Indigofera (Jeans)

Juniper Ridge


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