Shaun, I like that you wear a skinny tie and a blazer to go grocery shopping. I like that your unique style made you stand out on a crowded downtown sidewalk. I like that you are wearing old school glasses that remind me of my 8th grade science teacher, but somehow you make them look suave. The way you mix old school science teacher, British skinny tie and beat up black work boots is ingenious. Also, the fact that you were surprised that a girl looking for men street style would want to take your picture, was very charming.

4 Responses to “Shaun”
  1. Shauntee says:

    Why is Shaun so stinkin CUTE!?

  2. gillian says:

    such winning style

  3. Adriana says:

    Isn’t he adorable? I want to write a screenplay just so I could make him the main character.

  4. ez says:

    loves it!

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