Now that the Bay area is starting to feel the heat (it feels like this was the first hot day in a long time), I’m finding it a bit more challenging to find trig and polished gentleman. I guess I can’t blame them. Let’s face it, the more layers a man wears, the more he can style it up. After a couple hours scouring the streets in the heat, it was looking a bit hopeless. I summoned up some positive thoughts and told myself and Shaunteé (my friend/lovely assistant for the day) that we were going to find at least 5 stylish men in the next 45 minutes. And then I saw Sergio across the street. Shaunteé and I knew by this time that we couldn’t let this T&P man get away. We played “Chicken crossing the road”, as we dodged city traffic, even reverse jay walked when we noticed that we were about to jaywalk in front of a cop car, but as soon that black and white car zoomed past we ran up to Sergio paparazzi-style. His outfit was impeccable. The suspenders really added to the whole look. What a great way to accessorize without adding any bulk. Paired with the perfectly cuffed sleeves, the classic tie, and the dress pants, Sergio looks cool yet composed. Now that’s what I call Trig & Polished!

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  1. sjretails says:

    And can i just say I am SO diggin the tattoos? This polished look+a touch of bad boy = Trig and Polished

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