We ran into Sam in Hayes Valley. He was visiting our lovely city from Portland and the T&P team liked his city trekking outfit. You put a puff vest, a long-sleeve shirt, pants and sneakers on a man without any style and you’d get a very different outfit. Sam creates a look with those basic items. He looks clean, comfy, coordinated and we definitely like it. So here’s some inspiration for those athletic or outdoorsy types where comfort and ease of motion are priority. Just because you like to wear shoes that you can shoot some hoops in doesn’t mean you have to settle for boring basics. Some grooming (a visit to the barber shop once in awhile) and a little thought into your outfit makes all the difference!

Love the unique belt. It's all about the details!


Vest: Brooks Brothers
Shirt: Pendelton
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Pants: James Jeans
Shoes:John Varvatos for Converse
Places He Shops:
Brooks Brothers

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