Roger Siu

Making my way through the rows at the Alameda Antiques Faire, I spotted Roger Siu. Literally from head to toe, this man was all about the details. You have to take a good look to notice all the creative thought put into this outfit. He starts out with basic elements such as the b/w striped tee and jeans, but this is no basic outfit. It’s all about prints. He mixes them up but he doesn’t go crazy because he keeps colors neutral and breaks them up with solid colors. It made sense when Roger told me he is a graphic designer. He knows how to “design” an outfit using the principles of design; unity, emphasis, balance, proportion/scale, space and rhythm. He combines elements, and chooses patterns that compliment each other, all the while, keeping it composed. He has an amazing eye. Look at the shirt. Now look at the socks peeking out between his pants and shoe tops. So cool! There was thought put into that. This is what I mean about people making deliberate style choices. The thing that makes someone a great dresser is how effortless it can be. It’s like the way a stylist pulls items for a photoshoot. Having an eye for what looks good together. Composition.

Men in hats! Roger pairs his gorgeous grey wool fedora with wire aviators and a black and white scarf. Look at all that style and we haven’t even gone below the neck yet. Now this is a true sign of a man who knows how to accessorize. Not only a master of the accessories, but look at those shoes! Those beauties are The Eliotte from 80/20. Roger scored his faux pony hair hidden wedges online. They are made for women but Roger rocks them without looking girly. My (straight) guy friend even had a bit of shoe envy. As well as myself. Being a petite (my preferred euphemism for short) gal, I bow down to the inventor of the hidden wedge. As for Roger, I salute your style. You rock!

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  1. elena says:

    Love his shoes! Will said he wouldn’t have the balls to rock this look. Ha! ;)

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