Reader Request: Brown or Oxblood Shoes for Grey or Navy Suit under $250

On the T&P Instagram feed (which by the way is @trigandpolished), follower, friend, and overall great guy, Mr. James Brennan sent the following request / fashion cry for help. 


@trigandpolished says, “I’d love to!!

One of my favorite things to do is to style men in what I think looks good. One of my other favorite things is to find bargains. So this request was pretty much a dream come true. I tackled the internet and the hours flew by. It’s kind of addictive. First thing I did was create a Pinterest Board specifically for this request and then I just went crazy. You know how Pinterest does that? Anyways I must of been doing a good job because to my pleasant surprise I got an email that a guy repinned 27 of my pins. A very stylish guy, might I add.

So here it is! A board specifically created for James and any other man who wants a stylish shopping list of  T&P approved brown or oxblood shoes for under 250 smackaroos. Shoes range from $63.99 – $248 and the lower end of the spectrum are actually pretty nice looking. Proving that you don’t have to be the richest man in the room to be the best-dressed. This board is in no way final as I know it’s going to be pretty difficult not to add to it, so keep checking it out and please follow T&P on Pinterest.

James, I hope you find something that works. Thanks for asking Trig & Polished for style advice.

2 Responses to “Reader Request: Brown or Oxblood Shoes for Grey or Navy Suit under $250”
  1. James B says:

    Thanks T&P. Think I will go with the Johnston & Murphy or Ben Shermans. I usually go cole haan for casual men’s dress shoes with jeans because they are so comfortable, but they just don’t look formal enough for a tailored suit. Thank you for capturing the essence of what I was trying to accomplish with one post (and some obsessing online)!

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