Rajesh Sharma

The T&P crew headed to the Ferry Building during Fleet Week to scope out some stylish men. Odds were against us as it was a Saturday, it was super hot and everyone was wearing their Saturday uniform of jeans, tennis shoes, tee shirts and caps. Not exactly the runway, if you know what I mean. As we were scoping out the crowds, the fashion radar went off when Rajesh and his family walked past. I approached his wife who by the way is simply gorgeous (You go, Rajesh!) and told her about T&P and how her husband was the most stylish man we saw all day. She called Rajesh over and he happily posed for me. Turns out Rajesh and his family were visiting from Norway and were in town for the Blue Angels show. This is an example that when traveling you shouldn’t get lazy and dress sloppy. Rajesh here is styling himself from a suitcase, and he still managed to be the best dressed on the street. Not only that… later that day, one of my crew members, Gilllian, texted me in the evening saying she had just walked past Rajesh and his son and he was wearing a different outfit and was looking just as trig. If this is how they do it in Norway, I think T&P needs to take a business trip to Norway for some style research.

The Attire:
Sunglasses – Louis Vuitton
Shirt – Calvin Klein
Jeans – Diesel
Shoes – Ecco

Thank you Rajesh for looking so stylish for T&P and I hope that you and your family had a wonderful time in San Francisco!

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  1. lupinelife says:

    I love that the way he’s posed for the camera! He totally owns that he’s the most well-dressed man in the place. And nice addition with the label rundown–always curious to know where they find their duds.

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