Peder & Finn Thoreen (Father & Son Trigs)

I found this T&P duo at the September 2011  Alameda Point Antiques Faire. To be honest, Peder (the Father) and Finn (Mini Trig) were 2/3 of one very stylish family. The Mother, Sierra stood by in ballet pink skinny jeans, black motorcycle jacket, a topknot and classic red lipstick. She is responsible for the styling of her handsome family. She told me that Peder’s gorgeous black wool coat is from H&M. The Hudson black wingtip boots were purchased in England. Peder proves that a basic white dress shirt and skinny jeans can be styled with a nice coat, some leather boots, black framed glasses and fingerless gloves. With some staples that all T&P Men should have in their wardrobe, Peder shows how putting them all together creates a very trig and polished look for cold weather.

Mini Trig, Finn was more engrossed in those wooden toys at his feet, but he did manage to give me an adorable smile. Feeling good in his skinny jeans (Sierra says the secret is she shops in the Girls section for some of his clothes), his chambray snap shirt and desert boots from Nordstrom, he’s got a headstart in the fashion world. Props to all those Mothers out there that are teaching their sons how to dress well!

7 Responses to “Peder & Finn Thoreen (Father & Son Trigs)”
  1. Gillian says:

    Amazing find. That may be the best dressed kid I’ve ever seen!

  2. lupinelife says:

    Oh my gosh, these are the cutest pics ever! What kind of male fashion heaven IS this antiques faire? It’s like the Bermuda Triangle of T&P finds.

  3. I know, Finn is adorable. The Antiques Faire has turned out to be my personal pumpkin patch of amazingly well-dressed men (and women, for that matter). It’s like the Sunday thing to do for stylish people.

  4. Maria Moy says:

    Beautiful father and son, amazing fashion from head to toe, gorgeous photos! Thank you for something a little bit different. Dying to attend the Antiques Faire next time I’m in Oakland.

  5. Great photos and love the blog! Melissa

  6. elena says:

    OMG! I totally know that kid! He comes into Anthro with his mom all the time! His mom is just as gorgeous. Nice to see what the other half looks like. ;)

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