Owen Watson

On this day of trig scouting with my T&P team members (shout out to Gillian, Shauntée, and Amy) in tow, it wasn’t easy to miss Owen standing on the curb waiting to cross the street. Part of the reason I love doing menswear street style is because of the challenge. Let’s face it, seeing a man who takes the effort to style himself up a bit, is a rare find. So, the T&P radar went off about 50 yards away from Owen. As we approached him and as I took these photos, we learned that Owen has his own style site called Band of Rakes. Surprise, surprise. This man knows about style. How to spot it and how to do it. Check out how he pulls off wearing a linen blazer with red pants. You need skills to pull that off. Take notes!

Evidence of a comb run through the hair earns major T&P points.

The orange edged pocket square adds a pop of color against the monochromatic palette.

Elbow Patches on a Linen Coat proves that one of my favorite embellishments need not disappear in the warmer months. Yes!

We love the striped socks!

The best accessory for any outfit is a friendly smile.

Owen’s attire:
Sport Coat – Zara (Unstructured Linen)
Shirt – Charles Tyrwhitt (with French Cuffs)
Cuff Links – Calvin Klein
Pants – Dockers
Tie – A Thrift Store Find (no label)
Pocket Square – The Tie Bar
Socks – Lands End Canvas
Shoes – Eleven
Watch – Nixon
Sunglasses – 80′s Ray Ban Wayfarers

4 Responses to “Owen Watson”
  1. gillian says:

    Such a great outfit. I love that he’s not afraid to wear color.

  2. Carina B. Velásquez says:

    Take notes gentlemen…this is what men should look like; dashing, polished, refined and well-groomed…handsome.

  3. John Ortolano says:

    Love this look. Would be awesome to know some information on those shoes.

    • Adriana says:

      Those are some pretty sweet shoes, eh? The word from Owen is that he purchased those shoes in Barcelona on La Rambla. The brand, Eleven is rarely known as he had never heard of them before and in doing my web research, I’ve found nothing about them. Maybe they are not in business anymore?
      If you like the style of the suede buck with the contrasting sole, Owen suggested, “Mark McNairy (high end, but drool worthy), Bass, and even Allen Edmonds (they just came out with a model “Neumok” which is exactly that) make colorful suede bucks/wingtips that should fit the same sort of look.”
      Owen is a big fan of fashion and a friendly guy, so if you need any suggestions/advice, he’d be happy to help. Head over to his site, Band of Rakes. There is a lot of good stuff!

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