Omid Scheybani

The first thing that caught our attention about Omid were those gorgeous shoes. Turns out those shoes used to belong to his father who bought them on a trip to India in the 80′s. Looking at them says a lot about how Omid and his father take care of their shoes. That and the fact that those shoes have held up for all these years. Unfortunately Omid couldn’t find a brand name so it’s going to be impossible to score yourselves a pair.

Omid has quite a few stamps in his passport as he is an Iranian born in Germany, he studied in Argentina, lived in Dublin, Ireland, had a brief stint in NYC and finally landed in San Francisco where we found him. Top that off with speaking 5 languages and a job with Google as a Partnership Development Manager for the Latin American Market, it makes sense that Omid’s wardrobe is of the international variety. As if Omid is not busy enough traveling the world, he also runs his own lifestyle curation project, MOSAIC. While he enjoys stocking his wardrobe with goods from his travels, here in San Francisco, he mentioned Maas & Stacks and Welcome Stranger as a couple of his favorite local stores.

Glasses: Warby Parker – Griffen Revolver Black
Jacket: Zara, purchased in Ireland
Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren
Jeans: Levi’s
Shirt: United Colors of Benetton, while in Santiago, Chile
Shoes: Vintage, Omid’s father purchased in India, during the 80′s

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