Nash Lundquist



On a recent trig scouting expedition at the Ferry Building, we spotted this very well-dressed young man. Meet Mr. Nash Lundquist. It turns out that I had met Nash a couple years ago, noticed his style and told him that he’d be a great subject for Trig & Polished. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me at the time and we always made loose plans for a future photo shoot. I saw him a few times after that (never with my camera handy) but he always looked impeccable. I knew this guy took style seriously. Not only was his “Trig and Polished-ness” evident in his clothing, but he always had a friendly smile on his face. So naturally, I felt him a great example for Trig & Polished. Yet, I never had the opportunity to capture his style until this fateful day that I spotted this handsomely dressed man walking alongside a very pretty young lady.  It was Nash and his wife. Still newlyweds. Congratulations, you two!

Nash, being the friendly guy that he is, was very cooperative in letting me document his outfit. I was pleased to find out that Nash has an amazingly stylish menswear instagram @vannessandgreen. Seriously, you must check it out! Amazing outfits that Nash and his friend wears. Side by side shots of the two men in daily outfits with each one showing their unique style. It’s really pretty awesome if you ask me. Do yourself a favor and follow them stat!

Ok, what did we love about the outfit? Well, for one, it fits him very well and I’m not going to lie . . . I really like gingham. Also, his outfit just looks so clean. One detail that I really liked were his socks. Don’t know if you can see that well in the picture since it’s a very subtle detail but being the shoe admirer that I am, I really notice when shoes are paired with fun socks. In case you can’t see, the right sock has thin grey and black stripes while the left sock almost looks like it’s the stripes zoomed in as it shows the top half as black and the bottom portion part as grey. Do you see it now? I thought it was a genius way to wear socks.




What He Wore:

Shirt – Burberry Brit

Belt – A Thrift Store find

Pants – Zara Man

Shoes – Johnston & Murphy

Where He Shops:




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