Ministry of Supply Launch Party

Last Friday, the Trig & Polished team headed over to check out the launch party for Ministry of Supply’s pop-up shop in San Francisco. It was quite a well-dressed crowd and my lovely assistant, Ghezal and I had a great time checking out the wares, enjoying the delicious food, wine bar, and a pretty nice swag bag with goodies from Harry’s, Awesome Bars, Noteify and a pair of Atlas Dress Socks from Ministry of Supply.


On the second level, we spotted this handsome young man, Jesse Prier and he modeled The Doppler for us. I’d say that’s one nice fitting waterproof, breathable, stretchy hi-tech jacket. Looks good on you, Jesse! During our mini fashion photoshoot, I got to noticing Jesse’s haircut and glasses. Very handsome so took a photo of them and asked Jesse about his style. Turns out he got those fancy glasses for $30. And his outfit was a mix of Goodwill and Plato’s Closet. Hey, if you’ve got the eye for fashion, you can look handsome with any budget.

Next, we met Kyle Merrit and he happily posed for my camera. First of all, I love his coat. And then when I saw the elbow patches, that just sealed the deal. I’m repeating myself for those new readers. Elbow patches on jackets are like the icing on the cake. It’s like the difference between a basic wash and a supreme wash. The point is, I really like elbow patches on people. Kyle got his whole outfit in Turkey but that awesome jacket is from the Spanish label, Bershka which so far does not have a US retail site but if you are traveling abroad keep an eye out for their stuff.


Since we are talking about Kyle here, besides the elbow patches, I also noticed his grooming. This is because prior to our entering the store, I had noticed a lot of really long beards on many of the men we passed. I know that beards are a big deal these days and I’m going to take this opportunity to share our thoughts. I think facial hair can look great on men. Just as bangs bring out a woman’s eyes, I think beards do that for men. Something about beards make facial features more striking, and this is further emphasized by the style that a man chooses for his face. Ghezal and I decided that we weren’t big fans of the long bushy beards but appreciate beards in general. When I saw Kyle’s beard, I realized that’s the beard style that I like. It’s got clean lines, it brings out his eyes and it frames his face pretty nicely. But that’s just one woman’s opinion. Another member of the T&P crew, the lovely Gillian, has expressed her admiration for long beards. Quite specifically the one belonging to Robin Pecknold when we saw a Fleet Foxes show in Berkeley a while back. I just wanted to offer up Kyle’s style as an option for beard styles…for selfish reasons. You can still be a lumbersexual and still look trig and polished at the same time. Either way, whichever beard style you choose, there are women that are going to love it and women that are going to hate it. Just pick the style that suits you best.


One man that stood out pretty brightly on this night was Irvin Owens. Trig and polished from head to toe! Just by looking at him, I could tell that he had an interest in menswear. His outfit is a mix of Ministry of Supply pieces and other brands (details below), but the most adorable thing about it is the scarf, a gift from his wife, which she found at The Golden Gate Bridge Gift shop. I see a theme here, the perfect outfit for a Ministry of Supply San Francisco launch party. Well played, Irvin!


What Irvin is wearing

Hat: From Zappo’s, Brand unknown

Scarf: The Golden Gate Bridge Store

Jacket: Target

Waistcoat: Asos

Shirt: Gemini Dress Shirt, Ministry of Supply

Pants: Ministry of Supply

Shoes: Wingtips, Johnston & Murphy

One other man that caught our eye was Chris Rousseau. What did it was that houndstooth scarf (probably my favorite traditional plaid pattern) and the clean lines of the outfit. Very well-built. This is the perfect example of basic pieces dressed up with gorgeous accessories.


What Chris is wearing

Jacket: Barbour Hopper Jacket, Jack Spade

Shirt: Brooks Brothers

Pants: Gap

Shoes: Purchased at Bloomingdales, Brand Unknown. Best Guess- Ted Baker

Watch: Shinola


So there you have it! An awesome new men’s store on Fillmore and some stylish looks to inspire you. Thank you to Ministry of Supply for hosting us and thank you to the stylish gentlemen that dressed up for the occasion.

Ministry Of Supply

1903 Fillmore Street

San Francisco, CA 94115

(617) 236-4253


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