Miguel Garcia


Over the weekend, I attended the wedding of my dear friend and member of the T&P crew, Shauntee. I knew I was going to see some stylish people there as the wedding invite stated ” Creative Black Tie”. Plus Shauntee is so stylish herself, I knew without a doubt that she would have a fashionable entourage. I wasn’t disappointed as I arrived at the Firehouse at Fort Mason and saw the very trig and polished attendees. Men in bowties and fancy shoes. Women in long gowns and dressed to the nines. It was obvious that people weren’t ignoring the dress code, that’s for sure.

I just had to scout for Trig & Polished. I mean how often am I going to see this much style in one place? “Black Tie” style at that.  I was in luck when this well-dressed man approached me with a friendly smile. It was Mr. Miguel Garcia. He had been a follower of Trig & Polished ever since it started and I was completely flattered and surprised that I had such a loyal and enthusiastic fan. Honestly, it made me smile so much. Completely made my day.


Anyways, enough about me, let’s get to Miguel. The story behind his outfit is, it was put together with a few ideas in mind. Mainly, he wanted to look nice for Shauntee’s wedding and the pressure was on since he and Shauntee met while working in retail, so he knew that he needed to live up to those standards of people who know fashion. He said he had met her friends and family before and knew that they were all very stylish. In fact, Shauntee’s sister, Erica owns Evarize Cut & Sew Boutique in Berkeley. For those of you interested in gorgeous womenswear and like seeing beautiful women wearing such womenswear, I definitely recommend checking out her site.


Being that the invite called for “Creative Black Tie”, Miguel knew he had to step up his game and wear something fun and not the usual wedding ensemble. He found the blazer in his closet and decided that he would pick out pieces that would work well with it. The bow tie was a New Year’s Eve purchase for an event that he unfortunately wasn’t able to attend, so he decided the wedding was the time for it to make it’s debut. He decided on a short sleeve shirt since he knew he was going to be doing a lot of dancing and it would keep him from getting too hot. He picked up the dressy joggers at H&M and he knew that Shauntee would approve as they were a creative alternative to slacks. He said that overall he wanted to create a look that was summery, creative and comfortable. He nailed it!

What He Wore:

Blazer: Armani Exchange
Shirt: Uniqlo
Tie: Forever 21- 21Men
Suspenders: Wasteland
Pants: H&M
Sunglasses: Persol
Loafers: Alfani

Where He Shops:

H&M, Uniqlo, J. Crew, All Saints, Lucky Brand

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  1. Shauntee says:

    Miguel DID NOT disappoint! He looked gorgeous! Thank you for giving a nod to one of the stylish guys I know!

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