Markus Rene

We found Markus Rene, a native of Germany, looking for some cookware at Sur La Table at the Ferry Building’s Farmers Market. Once I got a look at the entire outfit, I knew I had to feature him on Trig & Polished. So we dragged him out of the store for a photo shoot. My lovely assistant, Gillian, of Heart Via Stomach, and I found it especially adorable that Markus posed with a bunch of fresh herbs in tow. He knows how to dress and he knows his way around the kitchen! Are all men in Germany like this?
The thing that confirmed that Markus was on the level was when I started taking a picture of his coat and he said, “I got it because of the elbow patches.” Did I hear you correctly, Markus? You just mentioned my favorite menswear embellishment! These are not your typical elbow patches. They are black leather and not the standard rounded rectangle, rather more of a classic shield shape. Very nice way to modernize a jacket! Markus had a very European outfit. The coat is from the Swedish designer, Filippa K. Those gorgeous shoes are from Floris van Bommel, a German brand. I just peeked at their website and already fell in love with the first pair of shoes I saw. Check these out! Suede dress shoes in the most beautiful shade of forest green. Absolutely stunning! I would love to photograph the T&P man that could pull those off. Colored shoes can be hard to style, but Markus here does a fabulous job of incorporating his blue suede shoes into a nice trig outfit. He just paired them with a navy blue Fair Isle sweater, threw on a H&M scarf, that awesome jacket and some dark denim. There you have it, the perfect outfit to wear on a beautiful Fall Saturday in the bay! Dankeschön, Markus!

The Attire:
Jacket – Tom Hunter Jacket, Filippa K
Scarf – H&M
Shoes – Floris van Bommel

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  1. Gillian says:

    He was perfect, and such a friendly guy!
    Now that I think about it, he reminds me of Colin Firth. Swoon.

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