Louis & Todd

Todd, Joris and Louis

First thing, I want to apologize for being MIA. To make up for it, I am showcasing a trio of T&P Men. Don’t they look handsome?  You have already met Joris from the last post but today I am introducing Louis and Todd.


About Louis:

Occupation: Architect
From:SF Glen Park
Shoes: Red Wing
Jacket: Comme de Garcons
Sweater: Patagonia
Places He Shops:
Neiman’s Last Call
Mac in Hayes Valley


About Todd:

From:SF Glen Park
Sweater: Vintage Wilkes Bashford (15 years old)
Shoes: Finestripe Vintage (has had them 20 years)
Hat: Cable Car Clothiers (He says they have the best hats in the city)
Jeans: A-B Fits
Shirt: Patagonia
Places he shops:
A-B Fits
22nd Step in Union Square (No longer there)

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