Like really in love.

Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man
Ok, this video is even more trig&polished than the first one. It’s saturated with gorgeous menswear. All of my favorite things viewed in one little box. Vests, elbow patches (my favorite!), three piece suits, beautiful musical instruments, pretty melodies and heartfelt lyrics. I die.

Btw, these lovely men say a naughty word a few times…so if you are the faint of heart, just cover your ears and appreciate the cinematography.

2 Responses to “Like really in love.”
  1. ninaph says:

    I had this song on repeat last month! And the men of Mumford & Sons really know how to keep it classy. <3

  2. sjretails says:

    I’m in love too! They’re not even cute! Super sexy swag though.That Trumps it all!

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