Kyle was another well-dressed man that I spotted at the  Alameda Point Antiques Faire. He masters the casual, weekend look of a henley and denim by accessorizing it with a printed scarf, a newsboy hat and layered cardigans. Not to mention the extra touches he adds with the fabric wrist wrap and the rings. His style kinda reminds me of Ryan Gosling’s in The Notebook. I think it’s because of the hat and overall tone of his outfit. I’d have to say if there was a feature were Kyle’s picture was placed next to Ryan’s in his Notebook outfit in those “Who Did it Better?” fashion articles, I’d have to place the “✓ He Did!” next to Kyle’s picture. Not that I don’t love Ryan Gosling, but Kyle has the proportions down. Everything fits perfectly and I love how he personalizes his look.

Speaking of the Alameda Point Antique Faire, I was recently asked by a gentleman who was new in town where were good places around here to go shopping for men’s clothing and vintage items. Well, here’s the place! Happening every first Sunday of the month, you can find amazing treasures. The parking lot alone is great for spotting vintage cars. For working on your fitness, there are cool vintage sports equipment. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see that they sell wooden bats. You can’t find wooden bats in stores now, they only sell aluminum bats and I don’t know about you but those things hurt! The last time at the batting cages, I was yearning for the wooden bats of my youth. The way the wood absorbed the shock, far superior to the jarring metal clink of the aluminum bats.

Kyle was at the August Faire. Be sure to look out for my next post about the September one. It’s where I spotted a very Trig & Polished Father/Son duo!

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  1. Amber Dickey says:

    Hello, Kyle. You might just be the handsomest man yet featured on T&P. I suddenly feel the need to go antiquing….

  2. Haha! Girl, I know what you mean.

  3. I never see well-dressed handsome men when I go antiquing. :/

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