Kimathi Buyu Collection on Trig & Polished

Kimathi of Buyu Collection

Buyu Collection on Trig & Polished

Kimathi was definitely a person who stood out from the crowd. I saw him across the street as throngs of the financial district crowd passed him by. Yes, he had on a suit as did most of the other men that were walking by, but Kimathi had something special. He styled up a simple navy suit and added cultural elements to make it more personal. I dig that stuff. I’m the type of person that is interested in different cultures and when I see stylish hints, I definitely want to know more. From a distance, the thing that really stood out was the large bag that Kimathi was carrying. It’s gorgeous! As I got closer, I noticed his pocket square and his bracelet. Very intriguing and I wanted to know the story behind all these elements.

Buyu Kimathi on Trig & Polished

Buyu Collection on Trig & Polished
Kimathi of Buyu on Trig & Polished

The pocket square is something that Kimathi made using an African print. His bracelet is also from his homeland. As it turned out, Kimathi was visiting us from New York as he was on a business trip for his company, Buyu Collection. . . which explains the gorgeous bag. As I was gushing over the bag, Kimathi told me that his line of bags are hand woven by women in Africa and each bag is one of a kind. If you too are a fan of the bag, read below for more info. As for Kimathi and his style, hopefully you guys out there will be inspired to add some personal elements to your outfit. The key is to start out with a suit and then incorporate your personality in the accessories. For another example of this, check out Eduardo’s post. On that note, thank you Kimathi for stopping to chat and model for T&P. Most importantly, thank you for being so trig and polished!

Buyu Collection on Trig & Polished

What Kimathi Wore:

Suit: Zara

Pocket Square: Handmade by Kimathi

Shoes: Kenneth Cole

Bag: Buyu Collection

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Photo: Buyu Collection

Buyu {pronounced Bu-yu} which means  “Seed” in Kiswahili, is a ethical luggage brand that specializes in manufacturing beautifully handwoven unique one of a kind travel accessories from Africa using fair-trade practices that directly benefit the artisans. Buyu addresses the optimistic idea that great fashion could sustain positive growth in developing countries.

Buyu Collection is inspired by nature and the harmony of transitoriness.

Core concepts in our design is all things in life are transitory and there is beauty in the notion that, it connects all of us.. in the idea that each journey is different and unique and has the ability to bring forward change.

Utilizing old world craft methods Buyu personifies this tradition of weaving to create bags with unique variant patterns, making each bag one of one piece. Building on the quote “A journey in its self is like a person, no two are alike.”

In a world where most things are ephemeral and ubiquitous the idea of celebrating time is a fleeting luxury.

Buyu is committed to innovation, conservation, craft and dedicated in how it transforms and impacts social economies in local communities, and our natural surroundings.

Buyu is made from organic natural materials and dyes sourced sustainable in rural heart of Kenya, Africa.

Buyu has pioneered the use of speciality Baobab bark fibre combining it with leather to create a luxurious and timeless travel accessory that is build to last and grow better with use.

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Kenyan craft goes global with luxury luggage line


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