Kelly, I like your modern take on old school style with the classic denim jacket. I love that you’d be just as stylin’ in the sixties as you are in 2011. You own your style. You are comfortable in your skin. It shows. I also like the fact that I stopped you on the street for being so stylish and you are caught with a package from So yeah, I looked up and it made sense. You are a man who likes fashion and you know what looks good on you.

At, I did what any girl obsessed with menswear would do and I “shopped” for my imaginary boy paper doll, and these are some of the things that get the T&P stamp of approval:
Spiewak Ash Field Coat Jacket (I’m officially declaring “caper” my new favorite color.)
Kai-aakmann Wool Trench Coat
Woolrich Grey Red Front Cardigan (Elbow patches need to be mandatory on cardigans.)
Opening Ceremony Colorblocked V-Neck Cardigan (This is just too awesome!)
J. Lindeberg Marvin Knit Blazer
COMUNE Colt Button Down Shirt (Maybe it’s based on nostalgia, but we love seeing men in these snap button patterned shirts on hot days.)
Steven Alan Reverse Seam Pants
Timberland Boot Company Counterpane Chukka Mid Boots
Timberland Boot Company Colrain Reissue Chukka Mid Boots (If you own shoes like these, I don’t have to see your closet to know that you’ve got it goin’ on in the style department.)

Okay, I stop now. : D

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