The trig hunters (Shauntee, Gillian and myself) headed over to the Ferry Building’s Farmers Market this past Saturday to do some style scouting and Keenan was the first stylish man that we found. He stood out from the rest of the crowd in his casual but polished outfit. He incorporated classic pieces such as the Ray-ban Wayfarers and the Barbour classic jacket with the slim cut jeans and suede boots. The colors, the fit, the styling, the fabrics, the haircut—the perfect look for exploring the city on a gorgeous November Saturday. We especially loved when he pulled out the dayglo orange beanie from his pocket.


Being that Keenan was visiting from New York, this outfit can give you guys some tips on a travel friendly outfit for the bay area. Especially if you plan on visiting in the Fall, this is a great example of how to layer clothing so that you are prepared for the “moody weather” that San Francisco is famous for. One minute the sun can be blinding and you’ll be thankful you’ve brought your sunglasses and you’ll be holding your jacket instead of wearing it. The next minute, the sun ends up hiding behind some clouds and you’ll be zipping up your jacket and plunging your hands in your pockets. This can happen on an hourly basis. Nice basic pieces in neutral colors that can be styled up with bright colors, like how Keenan does it is a perfect way to go. And how convenient is it to have a beanie at your fingertips when the wind starts whipping up?

trigandpolished1114-0020Keenan scored this Barbour Classic Moorland Jacket at an estate sale in Virginia and according to him, they’ve stopped making Moorland’s in the 80′s. This jacket has got the rear game pouch (aka. poacher’s pouch) since it was originally made for the hunting crowd. I don’t hunt but boy could I make use of a rear pocket on my coat. I took a look at the Barbour website and they’ve got some great stuff. One favorite item that I spotted was this cool hat. I wouldn’t mind seeing a man sporting one of those on a future Trig Hunt. I also found this post showing a Barbour catalog from 1987. It’s amazing how the photography and styling does not look outdated. Truly classic.


Great haircut, great shoes and everything in between. You’ve got great style, Keenan! Thanks for sharing your look with us!

What Keenan Wore:

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Wayfarers for MoPub

Jacket: Barbour Classic Moorland (Keenan’s is vintage but the Beaufort Waxed Jacket is pretty similar)

Sweater: Uniqlo

Jeans: Acne

Shoes: Custom Gibson Desert boots purchased in Stockholm



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