Hi everybody, meet my friend John. I wasn’t planning on bumping into John on this day, but lucky for me, I did. I’ve known John for a little over a year and I’ve always admired his style. He always has super put-together outfits. He knows all the places to shop for menswear and is a great resource for those men looking to improve upon their wardrobe. I promise to sit down with him soon and get all the details. Some places he did mention are Unionmade in the city (SF) and

Alright, so the outfit…the peacoat. Super trig. Cool polished toggle buttons with nautical rope detailing. I love that he pairs navy wool with a green wool sweater over a button up. He keeps it classy with the skinny/straight dark denim. He earns mega bonus points for choosing those handsome tan leather ankle boots. You know how I feel about the importance of footwear. Shoes are basically the make it or break it factor. Everything works here.

P.S. Mad props for using office supplies as accessories. : D

2 Responses to “John”
  1. I agree, the ankle boots are the best part of this outfit, the coat right behind it. However, I feel he pushes the envelope too much for my conservative tastes with both the hair and accessory choice.

    In any case I admire his courage in dressing for himself, something most men never do.



  2. Shauntee says:

    He’s SUPER cute. I just want to put him in my pocket and carry him around. The boots are amazing and his coat is really cool. I can see any man with these two pieces and rock them in a completely different way. Great foundation for his outfit!…Shauntee

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