Jara Ra at the Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire

In this feature, I introduce you to the talented Jara Ra. I met him at the Alameda Point Vintage Fashion Faire and turns out he already was a fan of Trig & Polished. Made me so happy!

Jara was performing with his band, Blue Bone Express and I loved that he dressed up to perform. Honestly, I can’t say it enough about how I’m so pleased that musicians actually get dressed up when performing. It just shows so much class. Thank goodness there is less and less of those bands that put on a show in T- shirts with ripped armpit holes, looking like they just rolled out of the band van and onto the stage. I really appreciated Jara’s full-on tuxedo and top hat. I also appreciated the music of Blue Bone Express. It was a great choice of music for the venue (The Albert H. Dewitt Officer’s Club) and the gorgeous vintage merchandise.

Who knew Top Hats were portable?

Jara likes vintage clothing but this isn’t his everyday look. He works for the the eco-conscious clothing company, Skunkfunk where he’s been working on their online shop. I checked out their Mens Line and they’ve got some pretty cool stuff. Modern, casual items. I ran into Jara at the Alameda Point Antique Faire last week and I didn’t even recognize him. He was wearing all modern attire! I like the parallels in Jara’s wardrobe. A man that can embrace both Old World and New World. A Blues musician that has a day job working in web technology. That’s pretty fascinating when you think about it.

Don’t forget to support Jara and Blue Bone Express every 2nd Saturday at Cafe Van Kleef’s! Support Oakland Artists and Businesses! Plus word has gotten around to me that Cafe Van Kleef’s serves up some amazing Greyhounds. Just sayin’.

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