Hyo Jun-Ahn

I found Hyo at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Market in Downtown San Francisco. He was waiting in line for his drink and I asked him if I could take a picture of him for T&P. There was definitely a language barrier issue and at first I didn’t think he knew what I was asking but he smiled and nodded and within a 2 minute Non-English dialog based on impromptu sign language/hand motions and non-threatening smiles, I understood that he needed to wait for his drink and that he’d be happy to let me photograph him. I stood by as he waited for his drink and then we headed outside and he sweetly posed for the camera. Guess it goes to show, great style doesn’t get lost in translation. Looking around at all the other dressers, he probably already figured out that he had a leg up on the competition. The man knew that I was selecting him because of his great fashion sense. I love his light blue double breasted blazer with the white buttons. It’s a unique alternative jacket for the warmer weather. His outfit consists of the usual t-shirt and jeans but he styles it up with a fun color, leather ankle boots, a nice-sized watch and a huge smile. Hyo, 감사합니다!

4 Responses to “Hyo Jun-Ahn”
  1. bill luza says:

    i always like the white v-T being worn other than as an undershirt…
    like the jacket

  2. Shauntee says:

    He does look so fresh and clean…and sweet. I’d date him, language barrier or not!

    • Haha, yeah. He was a sweetheart. And it totally comes through in his photographs. He was a natural. Probably thinking “Who is this crazy camera girl?” But still, a good sport about it.

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