Gabriel Angelo

Finding Gabriel Angelo during my latest T&P scouting, was like finding a gold nugget while panning for gold. Just look at him! I found this young T&P man outside of the Westfield Shopping Center on Market in downtown San Francisco. There he was playing his trumpet, in a blue gingham button-up, swiss dot bowtie, suspenders, black derby and dress shoes. I think everyone that saw him, immediately fell in love with him. A young man that already knows what he loves and earnestly pursues it with integrity. How many 12 year olds do you know that would get all dressed up, head out to the city and play his little heart out in hopes of earning money to support his dream?

It really is heart warming to see Gabriel out there playing his trumpet with a little sign that explains that he is trying to earn money for his musical equipment and tuition. He epitomizes what I talk about when I talk about trig and polished. Presenting yourself to the world with style and class. By him dressing up, it gives the impression that he is there to be taken seriously. It makes me believe that he is putting serious effort into improving as a musician. The fact that he pays attention to every single detail shows a lot about his character.

One thing about Gabriel that really impressed me was what he did when I told him that I needed to take a picture of his shoes. He got really self conscious and said something about how he spilled something on his shoe and immediately reached for a cloth and started polishing his shoe. Take about trig and polished behavior! Seriously, if T&P had a baby, Gabriel would be that baby at 12 years old. Also, before I took his picture, he used the nearest reflection (the bebe ad behind him) to make adjustments and make sure everything was picture perfect. My heart grew three sizes that day.

Gabriel told me that he is there everyday now that it’s summer but his non-summer hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I suggest you see him soon, because he told me that he sent his audition tape to “America’s Got Talent” seven days ago, and honestly Gabriel’s got talent, integrity, perserverance, style and class, so I don’t know how long it might be before he is playing at grander venues. I know it’s gonna happen though. With determination like that, it’s impossible for it not to.

Here is a really great story about Gabriel:

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  1. This kid is totally SF famous and is always dressed to perfection!
    So much more stylish than most men twice his age.

  2. Dave Brown says:

    I have been trying to donate to Gabriel’s tuition, and SFC indicates he is no longer a student there. Do you have any information?

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