The Hat. That final touch is what made Eric look so trig.

This day in particular, I probably passed by over 100 men and really didn’t hear too many blips from my mental trig detector, but when I saw Eric waiting at the crosswalk, the alarms went off. I’ve tried to understand what catches my eye and I think one of the qualities that I notice is when a man has a look that could pass for a stylish man from the past. After taking this picture of Eric, my friend/helpful assistant, Danelle supported this theory when she said that Eric “looked like an old-school boxer”. That’s what it is! You ever look at old sepia pictures and notice how handsome the men look? Always with the great hats, clean shaven faces, the confident look in their expressions. Well, you take this photo of Eric. Crop it to about mugshot size. Desaturate the colors. And he’d easily pass for one of those handsome men from the 40′s.

Trig point earners

  1. Brown Hat
  2. Fatigue Jacket
  3. Slim Fit Jeans
  4. Charcoal hoodie
  5. Black Dress Shirt
  6. Friendly Disposition


2 Responses to “Eric”
  1. ez says:

    I hated the shoes until I saw them in perspective with the whole look. Funny how that works.

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