Whenever I’ve gone to The Summit on Valencia, I’ve always found the most stylish men. I don’t know what it is about that place … even on those days when I’m finding nothing notable, I pop into The Summit and I find out that’s where the T&P men have been hiding. I’m not kidding. I can roam the streets for a couple of hours and … not a thing. Then I enter The Summit and all of a sudden it’s, “Look at his hat!”, “Look at his shoes!”, and “We have to get that one!”. Maybe it’s the clean, modern design that attracts those style gods. Or maybe it’s also the fact that the men who run the place are extremely stylish themselves and they set the tone. Whatever it is, I’m just glad it exists.
Here, we have a picture of The Summit owner, Desi. Always looking trig and polished, this day I caught him in a gorgeous brown plaid wool peacoat. Paired with the brown sweater vest, the button down shirt, grey-toned denim and what looks like brown laceup Toms, he looks well put together. Even though, he has to run the cafe, making sure everything is running smoothly, he does it in style. He could very easily justify wearing comfort-purpose clothing (a t-shirt and ratty jeans) but instead he makes practical yet stylish choices. For example, the comfortable lace up fabric shoes in a color that compliments his peacoat. Desi, your style is very much appreciated!

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