Dashing Dashell, T&P’s Youngest Gentleman . . . Gentlebaby, Really.

This past Sunday, the Trig & Polished Team was out scouting at the Alameda Point Antiques Faire over at the former naval air station in Alameda. By the way, if you love vintage, you must check it out. It boasts being the “largest antiques show in Northern California”. So you gotta go for that AND you gotta go so we can spot you in your dapper menswear. First Sunday of every month!

You know how I seem to make a big deal about shoes? Well they are super important! Case in point, I was taking a break from my trig hunting and about to enjoy my steamed bun from The Chairman Truck when I saw these tiny cowboy boots hanging over the lap of the woman next to me.




Dashell having lunch.

Dashell having lunch.

Those little boots belonged to a very trig baby being fed by his grandmother. Meet the youngest Trig & Polished man that we’ve ever spotted, Mr. Dashell Adams. Working the menswear (and my camera) at a mere 5 months old. How lucky is this little man to have parents with such amazing styling skills? In talking to Dashell’s mother, Maggie, I learned that Dashell’s stylish father, Colin also enjoys dressing up little Dashell and not only that but is a great dresser himself. Promise me, that Colin will be at upcoming shows. I’d love to feature a T&P father – son duo. If Dashell is the preview, you know Colin has to be an incredibly stylish man.

Not only does Dashell have the style of a Gentleman down, but he already exemplifies many of the Rules of A Gentleman. At least he’s nailed all the ones that he is capable of at his age.


Rule #1 A Gentleman is always presentable.


Rule #6 Nothing beats a good hat, so long as it is removed when indoors.


Rule # 7 Anything worth having, is worth working hard for. (Plus how killer would our abs be if we had to do a crunch every time we had to take a bite of food??)


Rule #12 Be gracious in manner, humble in tone, and thankful for what is given.

What He Wore:

Hat: Mom thinks she got it at Target

Top: Little Gents in Training

Pants: Carter

Shoes: Boots by Roper. I wasn’t able to find these exact boots, but these are similar.

Thank you, Gentlebaby Dashell for patiently letting me photograph you even though you were in the middle of a meal. Your patience and sweet demeanor further qualifies you for being a Trig & Polished (future) man.  Thank you to Dashell’s parents, Maggie and Colin for raising such a stylish and well-mannered little man. He’s adorable!


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