We found Benjamin in line at the Ferry Building. When I spotted that gorgeous toggle button coat and those glasses, I knew that I needed to feature him on T&P. Benjamin is visiting us from Chicago which might explain his knack for putting together a handsome cold weather outfit. The most interesting thing about his outfit is it proves him to be well-traveled. That gorgeous coat is from Santiago, Chile where he taught English. The Shawl-Neck sweater is something he picked up in Argentina.

I love how the glasses look on Benjamin. Beautiful material and the shape suits his face. It looks like Benjamin got the Sinclairs in Greystone. They are from Warby Parker and in looking at their site, they’ve got some really attractive frames and their prices are not bad at all. Rounding out the outfit are those gum-sole shoes. He told me that they were a gift from his mother. She has great taste in casual shoes. And Benjamin has a great eye for styling.

The Attire:
Coat – Brown Tweed Toggle purchased in Santiago, Chile
Sweater – Grey Shawl-Collar purchased in Argentina
Jeans – A.P.C.
Shoes – Clarks
Glasses – Warby Parker

5 Responses to “Benjamin”
  1. Fernando says:

    Oh my Good is this guy is hot and his outfits is pure style… love the jacket, from Chile of course. I find his glasses so cool. But he is devilishly hansome!

  2. Jodie says:

    Oh, Ben! I just want to pinch your adorable little cheeks!

    P.S. Hola, Fernando!

  3. Great photos, great style!

  4. Justin says:

    Sexy Chicago man-beast putting the SF fashionistas to shame!

  5. Shauntee says:

    Nice work Chicago. Laughing at the “man-beast” comment below :D Did Gillian the lovely assistant find him as adorable and endearing as I do? ;)

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