Ben Weaver

We discovered this “Hot Dad” walking with a “Hot Mom” and their little baby on the way to get coffee. When I saw the outfit that this new dad put together I had to photograph him for T&P. You know, to give other new dads hope at remaining in tip-top shape despite the lack of sleep and the new responsibility of rearing a little one. Ben here is proof that you can fulfill your fatherly responsibilities and look great while doing it. Case in point . . . you see that handsome bag he’s wearing crossbody? Leather strap, blue waxed canvas. That’s his diaper bag. Hint for all those moms out there. . . maybe put a nice unisex bag on the baby registry so that Dad will proudly hold that bag. Not that a responsible dad would refuse to hold a pink puffy bag with flowers and elephants all over it, but honestly. . . why not chose a handsome unisex bag instead? Ben’s style can be described as utilitarian yet handsome. Everything he’s wearing looks well-made and fits him perfectly for a slim silhouette. Pants and shirt are from Rogue Territory which fit quite nicely with his utilitarian/made to last style. Looking at the details (stitching, finishing, etc.) of their clothing, it’s evident that quality is top priority. His shoes are Alden and even though Alden is a famous brand (Charles Alden founded the company in 1884 and according to this, Alden is one of the last remaining shoe companies to still handcraft their shoes in the United States.), I still had a semi-hard time finding the style that Ben is seen wearing here. Edit: The ones that Ben is wearing were purchased at Leather Soul. While looking for his shoes,  I saw the blog post about the line for Unionmade and there  ( I thought) they were. I gotta tell you, I looked all over the net for Alden shoe styles and I have to say the line they did for Unionmade is their best looking of the bunch. These are the ones that I originally thought Ben was wearing, but those are not boots. These are also really beautiful too. So there you have it, if you prefer boots, check out the ones at Leather Soul. These are great too at Leather Soul. For a similar low-cut style, check out UnionMade’s Alden line. Personally I prefer boots but that’s just my humble opinion.

Rounding out the outfit, let’s get back to that bag. It’s from Peg + Awl. Reading the description, I’ve fallen in love with the bag. In their own words . . . “The Waxed Canvas Tote from Peg and Awl boasts the permanence of this wonder-material while also incorporating vintage fabric lined-pockets, reclaimed leather straps and closures (from antique gun holsters and saddles,) brass rivets and Sam Browne buttons”. That pretty much describes the artifacts that would be carried by my dream men that I see in those daguerreotypes . . . which reminds me of this great tumblr. Check it out for some of the original men who defined “Trig and Polished”. But I digress . . . Ben thanks for posing for T&P and congrats on the little one!

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Shirt : Rogue Territory

Pants: Rogue Territory

Shoes: Alden Cognac Flex PTBoot

Diaper Bag: Peg + Awl Large Waxed Canvas Tote

Places he shops: Leather Soul, Unionmade & Need Supply


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  1. Nina says:

    That is the chicest diaper bag I’ve ever seen. Nice T&P find, Adriana! :D

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