These pictures pretty much prove that Austin is the ultimate Trig & Polished spokesman. First off, that black trim blazer is awesome. I love that he picked out a basic menswear piece, but found one with unique styling. Also, he’s rockin’ the bowtie. I really love that bowties are back in rotation. And I love that men incorporate them into their everyday outfits, not tucked away till some black tie affair. The woven leather shoes are gorgeous and a great choice for a summer shoe. It’s like a sandal disguised as a dress shoe. And I’ll let you in on a little secret, I really don’t think sandals look trig, so this is the perfect alternative. Another accessory that caught my eye is that gorgeous gold watch. The perfect touch to a super trig and polished outfit. Austin, you are the perfect example of modern gentlemen style.

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    agreed, mandals ruin a look. unless it’s mandals + socks, cause that totally rocks. naaaaaaaht.

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