Ash Bhumbla

This morning we headed to the Ferry Building in San Francisco in hopes of finding some stylish men. Oh boy, did we hit the jackpot! We saw the best-dressed men that we’ve seen in a long time. With the chill in the air, I declare it officially menswear season!

The first T&P sighting happened as I was nibbling on a cheddar cheese scone, totally unprepared, of course. My lovely assistant Gillian (of Heart via Stomach) helped me gather my belongings as we ensued on a high speed pursuit through the throng of farmer’s market visitors and finally tracked down this stylin’ young man, Ash Bhumbla.

Turns out Ash is representing some East Coast style from Manhattan. Thanks for dressing up for us, Ash! The thing that first caught my eye was his blue tweed blazer and then when I scanned down to the Cap Toes, it just sealed the deal. Ash is total Trig and Polished material! I love his attention to detail with the silk pocket square and the gingham dress shirt. Just looking at him, we could see that Ash loves putting together an outfit. He’s got that special style spark that makes him stand out from the crowd. Coupled with his friendly and humble personality… that’s what makes going out and scouting all worth the effort. Thank you, Ash and I hope you enjoy your time in our beautiful city!

The Attire:
Jacket – Sarar
Shirt – Zara
Jeans – J. Lindeberg
Watch – Tissot

5 Responses to “Ash Bhumbla”
  1. lupinelife says:

    The watch! I love the watch! The leather just says, “Hello, Fall! I’ve missed you.”

    • Yes, Fall & Winter are the seasons for beautiful menswear. Very exciting! I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in the number of stylin’ men now that the weather has cooled. Bring on the hats, scarves, coats and boots! Layer it on!

  2. StolenSays says:

    I recognize that dapper young man! How exciting that your paths should cross! He’s my mirror of inspiration, with that effortless attention to detail.

  3. I was so impressed when he whipped out that pocket square.
    That gorgeous jacket really stands out, it’s fantastic.

  4. Shauntee says:

    Where can I find a man with style like this? Manhattan did you say? SIGN ME UP! That blazer and pocket square are killing me! GORGEOUS!

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