Antonio Velez

I love how Antonio pairs a cobalt blue tie with a muted olive-brown suit. The contrast is striking and the suit pops, as opposed to choosing a neutral tie. It’s unexpected, and it completely works. The really cool thing about Antonio’s look is the texture of his tie. I’m not sure if the photograph does it any justice, but it has a waffle knit texture. Almost like it’s a crochet tie. Antonio goes against the grain and even though he’s wearing a suit, he throws in unique elements and color combinations. Looking at his attention to aesthetics, it makes sense that he is an artist. Turns out that Antonio is a photographer. Check out his website. He’s got a lot of beautiful work on there. This man knows about style!

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  1. Michelle says:

    I’m a sucker for a waffle tie. There’s a high-end men’s clothing store here in the So Bay that first turned me on to their goodness…

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