Alan Maramag

I had high hopes as I headed towards the Fillmore Jazz Festival, but as I arrived and scanned the crowd I quickly learned that a fedora sighting does not indicate excellent style. It was a sea of fedoras paired with T-shirts and flipflops. I admit, it was a hot day and sometimes comfort wins over style but in Alan’s case, he perfected both. He gives me hope in my search for T&P summer style. By styling up shorts and a dress shirt with accessories, he really jazzes up a summer look. Notice the details. From head to toe, he’s got all the bases covered. I love all the unique touches he adds– the tie clip, the penny loafers, the aviators and the perfectly cocked straw hat.

Also, this is the second appearance of a knit tie. Originally used in school uniforms back in the day, they seem to be having a revival amongst grown men. I love them. What a great way to add some texture to an outfit! Alan, you’ve got a great sense of style. I hope to run into you again and can’t wait to see what you’ll be wearing.

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