Eric, The Man with the 24K Gold Tie

I’m gonna be honest… stylish men are hard to find. It wasn’t looking good on Valencia on this gray and misty day, until the clouds parted for 16 seconds, sunbeams penetrated the sidewalk and next thing I know, this super trig man appeared on our path. In this amazing outfit. So amazing that it gets even more amazing the closer he got. I didn’t even notice that he had 24K gold threads sewn in his tie until he told me about it. I was already impressed by the ensemble before taking in the details. What can be said about his style that you can’t see for yourself? The coat! The color palette! Those shoes! The gold tie! It’s as if he knew that someone was going to take his picture that day. Golden Man, wherever you are, I must let you know… you have quite a fan club.

7 Responses to “Eric, The Man with the 24K Gold Tie”
  1. Amber Dickey says:

    OMG who is this gorgeous, well-dressed man? Every part of his outfit is impeccable. Good lookin’ out!

  2. Shauntee says:

    They sure did! And he’s cute to boot! Halle-stinkin-luyah!

  3. ez says:

    Hey there,
    Its me, Mr. 24k.
    Thanks for the kind words. I’m truly flattered! To give you some perspective, I didn’t know I’d have my picture taken. I was job hunting, hence the particular trig-and-polished-ness on such a dreary day.

    Anyways, keep up the good work. love your site!


  4. Adriana says:

    Hey Mr 24K!

    Thanks for checking out the site and most of all for having amazing style!! Without stylish guys like you, my job wouldn’t be as fun. You truly made it worthwhile to scour the streets that day. Thanks for being so great about me snapping your picture and I hope you got your dream job.

    Thank you,

    PS Don’t ever stop the trig-and-polished-ness!!

  5. ninaph says:

    Hey there, I found your blog on Crossroads’ FB page the other day and I have to say it. Is. AMAZING. It’s really nice to see a fashion blog featuring stylish men out on the streets, and I am completely enamored with Mr. 24K’s ensemble. Thanks for finding him, and thank you Mr. 24K for having awesome taste in threads. =)

    • Thanks for your kind words!! Very grateful for the lovin of my blog and the T&P Men!!! I was so lucky to run into Mr. 24K that day. Glad that I was able to capture his immaculate outfit. Thanks again!!! And keep checking back for more Style Gods.

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